Show & Tell | Peony N’ Pearl
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Accessories, Jewellery, November Market, Plants & Garden

Peony N’ Pearl

Fionna is the artist behind Peony N’ Pearl’s beautiful creations. This is her story:

As any creative soul would know, creating is like a way of breathing. It comes out naturally and it keeps going as long as the heart beats. My earliest creative memory was when I disassembled my toy abacus and used all the beads to thread a bracelet. I treasured those brightly coloured plastic beads like they were the best thing in the world. The creative soul kept growing and I continued to explore other creative activities. But it wasn’t until I was stuck in a desk job, when I found myself obsessed with making wire jewellery after work, and taking floristry lessons on the weekends that I realised how much I needed these creative activities to keep ‘breathing’.

Wire jewellery and floristry are surprisingly interconnected in their mechanics—which is why I decided to do both. I am an entirely self-taught wire jewellery maker. Most beaders start making jewellery by threading beads on strings, and that is how I began. As I evolved as a jeweller, I have chosen to focus on wire jewellery because I know the endless possibilities it provides as well as depths to explore as a designer.

In contrast to my skills as a jeweller, I went through a lot of training to become a qualified and experienced florist. I went to a number of floral schools, learning as much as I could from everyone that I met. I then worked in another florist’s shop for a number of years before deciding that I was ready to take the leap and starting my own business: Peony N’ Pearl.

To me, Peony N’ Pearl is a home for my creations that enables me to connect with clients and offer them my artistic services. I love making jewellery and providing floral services for my clients, but underlying this is my true passion: to look beyond the ordinary and to keep creating the next beautiful inspiration.